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The original idea was born in a ugly day meanwhile I was writing my Ph.D. thesis. Thinking a new evolution starting from my latest robot Dude. The idea of this new robot was completely different from all other robots, making something able to explore outdoor environments and don’t use wheels, but travelling with tracks.

First sketch

Yes, there is another sketch direct on CAD, but the tracks used for this design was not enough for a outdoor and this CAD was quickly abandoned

Panther yellow tank shape Panther yellow tank shape Panther yellow tank shape Panther yellow tank shape
Sketch first idea

Panther sketch

The first real sketch was a robot looks like a Jeep with track.

First Panther sketch Rounding Panther
Sketch first idea

the shape was not enough and I start to rounding and shaping making a look more futuristic and similar a race car.

Panther shape
Panther final look

Panther 3D CAD

From sketch to a real 3D model, the step is huge and many tests I made many experiments to be possible realize a real track using in particular plexiglass and not aluminum like all robots with a track and size like Panther.

First Panther design First Panther design
Panther first 3D cad design

The new shape was significantly better compare the first version, and after long work I start to obtain the look drawn on my sketch

First Panther design Panther render on park
Panther final rendering
Panther final look

Track design

The first idea of the Panther tracks was born looking this weird segway found online. The tracks profile was amazing and my idea was to re-engineering using different materials, components and payload.

Track idea
Track idea

This work was really hard with my knowledge really poor in mechanics. I am a control theory engineer, and my background is different compare a mechanical engineer, but armed of willpower I start step by step to design on cad the track.

Track components base reference Track components first layout
track design

Meanwhile I was working on my CAD the first components was coming, in particular the track, really huge compare the other track I have seen from commercial robots. This track was the reference to complete the second design step and moving forward to complete all parts.

Panther track component
Panther track component

Same story for the damper, made for RC cars, but perfect for the robot! Simple and nice, the only issue was the spring, to weak to support the payload from the robot.

RC dumper Panther RC dumper Panther
Panther dumper

Finally after a long work, the real track was appearing on my CAD, and with all components available and with a dimension compatible with the size of the robot!

Panther track design Panther track design Panther track design Panther track design Panther track design Panther track design
track design

Thi is the final cad of the Panther track

Panther track final look
Panther track final look

Upgrades on Panther

In this picture the last update on Panther, adding a lidar and reshaping the robot with new motors

Panther final look with lidar
Panther final look